GoT has been the most trending series lately. As we wait for the concluding Season, this story of numerous women making their mark in a men’s world, against several odds is truly fascinating and inspiring.

On this eve of Women’s day where the current year’s theme is “Balance for better”, let’s look at these 7 Women from GoT who are spanning farther into season 8 than any rainbows could reach balancing their integrity and swag😉 for greater good.


Arya Stark is the first character we’ve looked at who succeeded at her objectives more than she failed.
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Throughout season seven, she balanced a simple and consistent strategy; kill her house’s enemies. She began the season by assassinating Walder Frey and all his male heirs in retaliation for the Red Wedding and ended it by executing Littlefinger for his (many) crimes against the Starks.
Littlefinger’s death seems to have solidified Stark control over the Knights of the Vale, a vital part of their military force. Her most distinguishing characteristic in GoT has been that she chose the right targets and killed the right people.
Daenerys Targaeryn; From a very tamed character who wished to see her brother rule their home-land to a powerful leader, she earned various titles such as Khaleesi, Mysa, Breaker of Chains, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, The Rhoynar and the First Men, and Queen of Meereen.
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Fate only played the role of a servant in her case. She made her own choices; her name was heard everywhere, and fortunes came in search for her.
One of the essential qualities she held was her immense faith that brought dragons into the world, entitling her as The Mother of Dragons.
She has been portrayed as a fearless queen who many a times chooses to go against her experienced advisors and makes strong decisions. Though her prompt and quick decisions have also led her into a few mistakes, she has been a queen who accepts her faults, and ruled with integrity and pride.
Sansa Stark has always had an impression of the girl next door. I have always looked at her as a romantic girl, completely ruled by emotions and hormones with foolish notions of love. She merely took what life gave her. Unlike Daenerys who made her choices, Sansa was forced to rise, be practical and fight, but the growth was tremendous.

Being the most underestimated woman, everyone misses to realize that she is the most progressive character in the series.
Her effective stewardship won her the loyalty of the Stark bannermen—an impressive feat for a young woman in a patriarchal society. She has grown to a woman brave enough to face her fears and endure pain. Her will to survive is what makes her stand out.
Cersei Lannister has been bold enough to stand by her acts and family (the people she loved). She has had her own way of discerning what’s right or wrong, and if anyone agrees with her or not was never her concern.
A queen’s ego was brutally murdered, lost her cubs, yet the lioness of the Lannisters ruled with pride.
Tyrion once said:
 “Well… sooner or later, Cersei always gets what she wants.”.
Even if the fate gave her toughest of times, she was too cunning, and strong to be simply shattered into pieces.
She is highly ambitious and persistent, even when she’s in the middle of adverse situations.
Yara Greyjoy, a loyal daughter to Balon Greyjoy; Yara seems to be constantly making up for her brother’s absence.
She is the most accurate balance of courage and emotions.
Her decisions such as saving her brother even if it meant going against her father, allying with Daenerys, and eloping Iron Lands were remarkable. Just like Daenerys, Yara is brave and quick with decisions.
Lyanna Mormont, far beyond her age, this little Lady of Bear Islands is competent of taking firm decisions, holds dynamic perspectives, and stands by her own views. Despite of being designated as the Lady of the house at such a tender age, she is humble enough to listen to her advisors and wise enough to choose when not to.
Brienne of Tarth is the epitome of commitment. Brandished as a Woman of words, a quality not many men in Got(reel) or real-life display, chose to serve by breaking all norms and legacies.
Brienne is often ridiculed for being unladylike, yet she is strong enough, both physically and emotionally, to not be bothered about hearsay—something we can all learn from in this era of unrealistic beauty standards.
Not necessarily will you find these women in series or movies. You just need to look around you will find more fierce women fighting out there every hour of their life to leave a mark in this Man’s world an Eve of the Metro City.

Cheers to all these women out there and men who treat them with the same dignity! Happy Women’s day! Let’s create a Balance for Better.

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