We knew there’s hope because 2018 saw an increase in the number of intellectual movies. The Khan films broke down and we did show that any over-rated actor showing his body or slaying a killer line is not what we are interested in. We are hungry for good movies that leaves us with a pricking thought after we have left the theatres.

There were many reasons The Tashkent files touched my heart and thoughts. I left the cinema hall with a very heavy heart. Though we have been hearing stories of National Emergency and how we lost the nation’s jewels one-by-one since then, it took me some time to understand how we have been manipulated and how from that day the country has exactly turned out to be just a market for the leading countries. I am still in the process of understanding what the filmmakers wanted to show. But few that I was able to crack are here:

Agnihotri’s Remarkable bravery in making this film.

It seems like he had been waiting for the most opportune moment to develop this concept into a film. A few years back, releasing this movie would have been a tough task.

The movie is based around ideologies and institutions that wrecked the country. Through his characters he classifies them as NGOs being “social terrorists”, Supreme Court judges being “judicial terrorists”, writers and historians as “intellectual terrorists” and the media, of course, is “TRP terrorists”. He also says Racists are more fearsome than any terrorist.

He further classifies only the youth of the nation and Lal Bahadur Shastri, around whose death the movie revolves as true patriots and not terrorists.


Theories and conspiracies

The movie has given platform to many possible theories and conspiracies related to the golden years of the country. Those were the years when we fought and won wars, had a kick-start growth economically and scientifically.

After Shastri’s death, followed death or disappearance of important leaders including
Dr. Homi Bhabha, the father of Indian Nuclear program, who seemed to be quite close to developing nuclear weapons for the nation.

Coincidental deaths of all witnesses, and evidences visible to the naked eye were overlooked. Why wasn’t Shastri’s body sent for postmortem? If he died of a heart attack why did his body have cuts that oozed out blood? A Russian butler was detained for poisoning Shastriji, but why isn’t it mentioned by any of our historians, journalists or authors?

Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr. Homi Bhaba, Subash Chandra Bose, were all these planned murders? Why hasn’t there been a proper investigation on these cases?

Vivek Agnihotri places these facts before us and gives the audience a direction. How you take it from there, is solely your call. Bollywood is the best media today to reach out to the masses. Moreover, such topics must be picked. Yes, these are sensitive topics that we are made to hush about. Unless these topics aren’t discussed on a public platform, how do we dig into the reality. It is important that we develop a habit to discuss and debate, stop hushing.

Mitrokhin Archives

The movie also mentions Mitrokhin Archives, which is a collection of handwritten notes made secretly by KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin during his thirty years as a KGB archivist in the foreign intelligence service and the First Chief Directorate.

The book, published in 1999 created a tsunami in western intelligence circles because of the authoritativeness and detailed information copied from thousands of KGB files. Many cases were filed against leaders all over the world, only India paid no heed to it.

There is a special chapter dedicated to India in the book, it stated India was a disneyland of spies, the entire nation was on sale. From worshiped leaders to journalists, media and even scientists were on KGB’s payroll.

The book mentions that suitcases with millions of rupees were sent to then India’s Prime Minister, daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi coded secretly as VaNo. Further 40% of the Congress MPs in Mrs. Gandhi’s government had received Soviet political contributions. So how our constitution adopted the Socialist behaviour is out of question.

KGB had funded election campaigns of former defence minister VK Krishna Menon, besides four other Union ministers in the 1970s.

The CIA documents accessed by ET allege Soviets provided kickbacks to the Congress party through arrangements with Indian businessmen. It also named the CPI and CPM as major benefactors of Soviet funding. “Soviet funding reaches the two Communist parties, the CPI and CPM through a combination of kickback schemes, normal business transactions and direct cash pay.

Read more here

Later, the country was so-called Globalised. Our practices and traditions were laughed upon bringing in science-proven alternatives that had plenty of side-effects. We became a global market. Our textbooks and history forgot Lal Bahadur Shastri, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Subash Chandra bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and many more revolutionaries that were the core reasons India attained freedom.

Youth and politics

We were denied of the nation we had the potential to be. Please do not hush anymore. Why is that our young generation avoids discussing politics, why are people who do, judged? Aren’t we responsible for where the nation stands today? Aren’t we responsible for not letting the nation to achieve the potential it had? Are you exercising your rights well? Are you doing your duties right? What right do you have to enjoy the services if you do nothing for the nation? Every vote counts! Every patriot knows the nation comes first, not our comforts, not the family and definitely not a long weekend.

Summarizing the reasons you should watch Tashkent files:

  1. The film offended Tukde tukde gang (you are smart enough, if it offended them…)
  2. It questions how Homi Bhabha who was about to make India a nuclear nation died within a few days after Shastri’s death
  3. Why Shastri’s family was not allowed to see his body for many hours of his arrival
  4. It questions why Shastri’s cook was replaced
  5. It questions Why there was no postmortem even after demand of his family
  6. The film shows how India was a safe haven for KGB and CIA agents
  7. It shows How KGB and CIA bribed politicians and Indian bureaucrats
  8. Explains how Indira Gandhi changed the constitution at the time of Emergency

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