I am your Princess Maa
But you never got into my fights

You told me bhai will always protect me,
He stood by me like firm roots of a tree

The world has become my battleground
Let me tell you, he isn’t always around

I travel, I work, I fight everyday
Though I just wish you had shown me another way

You told me everyone’s good at heart
You told me they are just as you are

You told me women once touched
are never to be loved

I don’t know if it’s the same cruel world you lived in Maa
Where men and women determine her dignity by low-waist or high-rise

The six year old didn’t deserve to be pinched Maa
That 15 year old didn’t deserve to be raped because she believed in love

Ma, you should know she isn’t just a beautiful dove
Don’t handover the ghungrus, let her also run the turf

I look up to you Maa
I always wanted to be the woman you are

When I see you shying from a fight
It tells me I too have no right

To all the Maa(s)
This beti pleads

Teach me how to lead
the fire that is burning in me

It’s time to change the way we live
On our terms, for the people no f***s to give

Teach me to slap back tight
To knock the court-doors for my right

Stand by me and stand for yourself
Because when you don’t stand, you break my spine.

This Rakshabandhan requesting all the mothers not to tell her, “Bhai will protect you”. Teach her to take her battles by herself and when she does, respect that little woman.

Happy Rakshabandhan!

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