Dad coming back from work, attending my dance classes, wearing a new dress, playing with my friends, meeting my cousins were little things that made me feel happy. We didn’t need tricks to an incredibly happy life then, achieving happiness was a child’s play.
We all reminisce childhood. Why?
Because we were very happy. We didn’t have to be happy, try to be happy or do things to be happy. How to be happy was never a question.
We were simply happy.

Yes, we were kids back then and our dreams were mere and easy to achieve. Today, we have bigger dreams, practical life, and so many things that push us to the tip of anxiety.

But again, how do you say it restrains us from being happy?

Happiness is Over-rated

A few weeks ago, I set an alert for Happiness on Google. I was stunned to find out there are articles coming up on happiness every other day. Most of them tell you to declutter your house with new gadgets, buy books, God’s will on your happiness, results of research on happiness and the list goes on to invest in so much just to find the happiness within. Happiness is as expensive as you make it, don’t you remember Ariana saying Happiness is the same price as red bottoms.

I too got this mantra quite late, but I am sure if you take time to understand and follow, you will know the happiness within:

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

If you have been working hard to reach your goals that will eventually seek happiness, you will not find it there. Possibly not even reach your goal.
You must celebrate your journey, be happy as you work for it and you will appreciate the result.

Imagine receiving an award and not having a story to say?

Warren Buffet on Happiness

It would be like getting an orgasm without having sex. Hahaha, so no happy climax, if you didn’t live the story.
A lot of young crowd have taken Apna time aayega as their motivation anthem. It makes no sense to me and I am sorry but aapka time shayad nahi aayega. Because you don’t believe in today.

Your time to be happy is now, this moment and every other moment. Happiness is a feeling and it cannot be gifted to you. You need to create happiness within yourself.

Break the happiness meter with 10 Simple tricks to being happy:

  • Not happy with where you are? Move, you are not a tree.

Don’t crib, that’s the worst thing you can do to attract more dissatisfaction. Start making the necessary amendments and trust your process.

  • Try new things, thoughts, friends or hairstyle.

Try any area that you haven’t yet discovered. If you’ve stayed away from animals, befriend a dog, cook or learn a new language. You will experience how little achievements and a feeling of being productive fills your heart with contentment and happiness.

  • Take that trip.

You have pulled a lot and you deserve a vacation. Explore what you always wanted to, try being close to the nature as it will help you calm. Being on a beach or surrounded by greenery is relaxing and peace-giving.

  • Do things that give you joy.

Cultivate your hobby, forget diet and relish street food, buy tickets to watch your favourite team play. Enough of making everyone feel special, pamper yourself.

  • Don’t try to forget the past; See how beautiful the present is.

Whatever is in the past, cannot be changed and so cannot be forgotten. Though you can let go all grudges, forgive people for your peace, take time to reflect, re-evaluate your goals, focus on the present and live the gift you have.

  • Count your blessings.

Run to Mary for every need and feel grateful for every little thing. Gratitude is the peak of happiness. The more you thank, the more you receive. I personally begin my day by thanking mother earth, seeking her forgiveness and being grateful for the day similarly cultivate a habit of doing any kind of gesture to begin your day. You can explore more into meditation, if sitting straight and getting your mind to focus isn’t your thing, you can immerse yourself into chanting, Bhakti Yog is the highest form of any Yoga.

  • Help people every time you get a chance.

Rather than pushing away people who seek help, feel obliged for the opportunity and lend a hand every time possible. This not only helps you build relationships but also makes you feel valued and satisfied. People who don’t like to help are always filled with envious thoughts keeping them distant from happiness.

  • Join a cause.

In order to feel content, it is necessary that you feel an overflow. You can join a cause to spread the word of love and passion which will be an overflow of your contentment. Happiness is contagious. When you give happiness, it inflicts you back in the same magnitude. The more passion flows, more you will receive.

  • Build the Optimistic attitude.

It’s not easy to cut down on your people because they are pessimists. That doesn’t mean you listen to their cribbing and reflect. You may lend an ear, wish good for them, but don’t let their words sink in.

  • Be confident about yourself and take challenges.

Nothing is more beautiful than a person who is confident. Be proud of yourself, build on your strengths, work on weaknesses and be confident by taking challenges. Every word said to push you down should be your reason to rise.

  • Most importantly, believe that the Universe is in your favour.

This is the easiest yet most powerful. Believe that the universe is just to serve you what you order. Keep asking the universe and believe that it’s on its way to you.

When happiness finds its way in to your life, don’t forget to give-out. Stay humble, keep giving, let’s make the world a happy place so when you lack some and step out, all you get back is happiness and love.

Anything as little as tea or chocolate claims momentary happiness. Let us know your definition of happiness in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “10 effective tricks to an incredibly happy life and happy you!

  1. Lovely writeup …..Can’t believe you are the same little girl next door. My happiness was watching you kids play and enjoy. Now watching you kids grow with this intellect is really satisfying. All the best dear for a bright and happy future.


    1. Thank you so much Di! You and Daman are the favourite part my of childhood. You also have played a very good role in building my confidence, taking up challenges, built the idea in me to do what I love and I don’t know what not, all this very naturally while I looked up to you. Thank you Di😘 We miss you!


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