He sent me a Wizard

Lost all hope and tried no dope.
Was in constant pain yet willed to strain.
Pitched herself in every other play,
Did everything not to let her mind sway.
Unclear with ways, to explore a new place,
She chose a day.
She went out with this Wizard in a May
And lo-la, conversations over a Gola
With time she learned, what she had earned
The wizard was a purposeful blessing
More than a friend, more than her guide
Accepted her wrong, stood by her strong
Without knowing her pain, he seemed to cure
Showed her paths that she wouldn’t have known at all.
No, didn’t break
He came across the wall,
she had built, so very tall.
Letting her know his secret passways, he drew her a picture.
The girl in darkness was back as a passionate depicture.
He sends you his Samaritan, you gotta ask.
Run to Mary for every need they say
Trust HER, Oh Arjuna, Your Krishna will be on his way.
Thank you very much Avika for this amazing piece. 

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