Electronic letters

In the world of Whatsapp and Instagram;
He used E-mails.

He wrote me letters
It made my days better.
His words always pushed me to put a lil more effort
I called him my strength, I called him my clarity.

Initially offended, I thought he was doing charity
He turned out to be, a guy of parity.
He chose One or None.
About me, he was One.
So fixing me, was no charity, he couldn’t see me broken apparently.

He wrote me letters
They were heart-felt moments
But all I could think, it could be another torment
I wasn’t ready to accept,
and he didn’t need acceptance

He kept giving, expecting nothing back
He was too good to believe,
Does he still make men like that?
I could flaunt him, like a feather in my hat

Though, I don’t do it;
We don’t have any names
I know now, Love has no bounds.
I didn’t tie him, to any position of my life;
We switch between relations,
Why just husband and wife?

He wrote me letters
and he still writes
Every fresh morning,
his letters serve me light.