Rashtriya Swadeshi Suraksha Abhiyaan

Image result for boycott china product indian soldier

Chinese Products may seem attractive but if that breaks our economic spine,is it worth? From toys to daily appliances and festive accessories, we depend on China for every bit,while our industries are shutting down due to lack of markets.

Let us take a stand this time, let’s observe Boycott of Chinese Products from 1st to 15th August and eventually make it a habit. 
Concluding with a request, to spread the word.
 No Chinese products at least for these 15 days.
Turn your product and check for the manufacturer, if it says ‘Made in China’ or ‘RPC’ or ‘PRC’ please request for the Indian replacement.
Do not fund terrorism. We have lost Tibet, part of Kashmir, now no more.
Say No To Chinese Products from 1st to 15th August
Join Rashtriya Swadeshi Suraksha Abhiyaan by registering yourself on this website and be aware of what the nation demands:

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